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Why Our Two-Step Process for Patients Works

woman filling out formsWhile many people are in a hurry these days and like to get in and out of a doctor’s office quickly, others appreciate that their doctor takes the time to listen to them and address their concerns fully. That’s the kind of doctor St. Cloud chiropractor Dr. Mark Roerick is.

At Advantage Chiropractic, patients undergo a two-step process, emphasizing the importance of a thorough assessment. Let’s explore why this approach, involving detailed history-taking and comprehensive X-rays, sets his practice apart from others in the area.

Thorough Day One Assessment

On Day One, Dr. Mark delves deep into a patient’s history, meticulously gathering information about past surgeries, accidents, and any relevant imaging. The extensive examination, including orthopedic tests and spine palpation, is complemented by full spine X-rays, providing crucial insights. For instance, a recent patient’s lower back pain revealed hidden complications from a 2016 car accident and a neck fusion, showcasing the necessity of understanding the complete picture.

During this visit, we also take scans with the INSiGHT™ Millennium Subluxation Station, which takes objective measurements.

Strategic Day Two Overview

Day Two involves a detailed review of gathered information, where patients see their X-rays and receive insights into their spine health. With this comprehensive data, Dr. Mark crafts personalized treatment plans, considering short-term relief and long-term wellness goals. This approach empowers our patients to actively participate in their chiropractic care.

The Power of Preventive Care

It’s been said that prevention is better than cure. We agree! Consider that most people visit the dentist twice a year for check-ups to ensure they don’t have cavities. But how many of those people visit the chiropractor regularly to keep their spine healthy?

Combining in-office chiropractic care with practical advice guides patients toward optimal spinal health. This holistic strategy has proven successful over Dr. Mark’s 27-year tenure, with many patients still on long-term wellness care.

Tracking Nervous System Function

To monitor changes in his patients’ progress, Dr. Mark recommends annual spine X-rays. For patients on wellness plans, regular computerized nerve scans help track nervous system function, addressing the impact of daily stresses on spinal health. This proactive approach aligns with Dr. Mark’s commitment to helping patients sustain overall well-being.

Get on the Path to Optimal Health Today

Experience the benefits of our comprehensive 2-step new patient process. Give us a call today to book an appointment!

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