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Neck Pain Treatment in St. Cloud

woman at desk with neck painNeck pain is a common complaint among many individuals, especially those who spend long hours at workstations or on digital devices. While most cases of neck pain are not indicative of a serious problem, it’s important to seek medical attention if the pain is accompanied by numbness, weakness in the arms or hands, or shooting pain into the shoulder or arm.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

Common symptoms may include muscle tightness and spasms, a decreased ability to move the head, and headaches. There are several common causes of neck pain, including muscle strains from poor posture or prolonged sitting, worn joints due to aging or osteoarthritis, nerve compression from herniated disks or bone spurs, and injuries such as whiplash from auto collisions.

When addressing neck pain, it’s crucial to identify the underlying cause. Range of motion tests, orthopedic assessments, computerized nerve scans, and X-rays can help determine the root of the problem and guide effective treatment. Relief from neck pain can vary from immediate improvement to a longer healing process, depending on the duration of the pain and any recent trauma, like a whiplash injury.

In our practice, each patient undergoes a comprehensive assessment and examination, which allows for personalized treatment recommendations and ensures safety during adjustments.

To calm nervous patients, we make sure to always take the time to listen and understand their concerns. In our care, you’ll always get thorough explanations of the diagnosis and a custom care plan so that you can feel more at ease and confident in your care.

Patient Success Story

We recently enjoyed working with a 43-year-old patient who sought treatment for left-sided neck and arm pain. The patient was a past Navy Veteran who experienced trauma to that area of his spine while in service. After an initial examination and X-rays, it was determined that disc degeneration in the lower neck contributed to his arm pain. The patient received a chiropractic adjustment in the neck and upper back region, along with electrical muscle stimulation to relax muscle spasms. Following the treatment, the patient experienced immediate relief of his pain, improved range of motion in his neck, and reduced arm pain.

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If you’re suffering from chronic or acute neck pain, we’re here to help. Contact our team today to book an appointment with our local St. Cloud chiropractor and learn more about your natural wellness options.

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