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Advantage Chiropractic Reviews

What Our St. Cloud Patients Say

At Advantage Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Achieve Optimal Health

The team at Advantage Chiropractic truly cares about helping everyone achieve optimal health. Not only does Dr. Mark keep my spine in tip-top 
shape, he coaches me on a healthy lifestyle and exercises to keep me
 moving in the right direction. Donna has impacted my health and the 
health of my family by teaching me about nutrition and healthy living.
 I have participated in her learning sessions, challenges, and BIA
 testing which has shown me specifically how my body is working and how 
to improve function with diet and exercise. Candice and Amy are more
 than office personnel, they are skilled and knowledgeable and assist with 
care and teaching and make me feel like a part of the Advantage 
Chiropractic family. Feeling so blessed to have been in their hands for 
almost 10 years!
- Jenny

Total Believers

Our 2 year old daughter was frequently sick and getting sinus infections way more than a typical 2 year old. Our 3 month old son was fussy and uncomfortable lying on his back. After a couple of weeks we started seeing a big difference in the way our daughter was feeling and our son was not as fussy. After a couple of weeks we became total believers in chiropractic care and realized this was a much better alternative than pumping medication into our daughter.
- Rachelle

So Impressed!

I am so impressed with Dr. Mark and his staff. Dr. Mark is actually interested in your future health, not just a quick fix. I am happy to get help with my back and neck. I am also excited about my bonus! After shredding my hamstring 4 years ago, I have been unable to run due to pain and weakness. Since I have been seeing Dr. Mark-he has done miracles and I can run again.
- Dode

Migraine Relief

I suffered with migraine headaches for over 20 years. Having never been to a chiropractor I tried Dr. Mark. After the first week I already noticed a difference in my sinuses and my headaches became less intense. I continue to benefit from my wellness visits to keep my headaches away and my body working better.
- Greg

Normal & Healthy Life Returns

I have Degenerative Disk Disease in my low back, and with the help of Dr. Mark I am able to still have a normal and healthy life. I am now on the wellness plan, 1 visit a week and I am able to get through the work week much better.
- Nancy

Great Respect!

In being an individual who believes in preventative health care, Dr. Mark has helped to promote the same. Being unable to pursue a good health care regimen because of being a recent student and no health care insurance , Dr. Mark worked with me to get started on the road to preventative care. I carry a lot of my world in my shoulders, neck and lower back. After being involved in a health care plan with Dr. Mark, my stress pockets listed above have been resolved-no heaviness in the neck/shoulders. I have a great respect for Dr. Mark. His positive attitude and caring attitude show /display his passion for who he is and his gift of touch, God Bless!
- Linda

Drastic Difference

My daughter was an unhappy newborn. At two months we decided to try chiropractic care. After about one month of treatments, my husband and I could tell a drastic difference. She was no longer fussy, uncomfortable and hard to feed. Dr. Mark also started to treat my son who has struggled with constipation since birth. We have been able to cut down on the amount of medication we give him. Dr. Mark and his staff are great with children! They make us feel like family each and every appointment!
- Kendra


During my first meeting with Dr. Mark he asked me about any health concerns I had, so I shared with him concerns about constant headaches and a sore left hip. I had been to physical therapy for my hip and when that didn`t work I had kind of given up hope and just figured that I would never sleep on my left side again. Kind of dramatic for the age of 25, but it was something that I just thought I had to deal with ! I am ecstatic to share with you all, that I have been seeing Dr. Mark for nearly a year now and have enjoyed a full years sleep on whatever side of my body I choose….and my headaches are minimal to non-existent!
- Stephanie

Greatly Improved

My headaches were keeping me from doing everyday activities. I would have to lay in bed for a few hours until the headaches would pass. My neck and shoulder pain was the cause of my moods being down. Since coming to Dr, Mark I am doing things I use to do and the headaches, shoulder and neck pain has greatly improved. Dr. Mark focuses on the whole well being and not just the adjustments.
- Sarah


I go to Advantage Chiropractic for a sports injury that I have. I used to think that as I continued to work out at the gym, the pain would go away, just by doing different stretches and those type of activities. But, as the years continued to pass, things continued to slowly get worse. It was then, that I decided it was important for me to have a professional chiropractor take a look at it. Before beginning any treatment, Dr. Mark took a look to make sure that he understood exactly what type of injury I had. He explained what “Wellness” was. Since then, I have been going to see Dr. Mark for about 3 years. Dr. Mark has increased my flexibility, my mobility and definitely gotten back any of the skills that I has lost prior to the injury.
- Jeremy


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