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Hip Pain Relief in St. Cloud

man moving boxes with back painHip pain can be complex to address, as its origins can stem from various areas. Often, discomfort arises when nerves exiting the lumbar spine or lower back are disrupted. A misalignment (subluxation) in the lower back can affect the nerve extending into the hip or buttock area. Thus, some hip pain might originate from the lumbar spine or the lumbosacral area.

Subluxation in the pelvic or sacral region can lead to muscle tightness on one side, potentially resulting in hip pain. It’s essential to pinpoint the actual cause of the hip pain. Is it from the lumbar spine? The sacral or pelvic region? Or is it an authentic hip issue? To resolve this, we utilize X-ray imaging of the lumbar and pelvic region, which enables us to inspect the hip joints and assess the space around the femur head and the hip joint.

Osteoarthritis and Hip Pain

Frequently, signs of osteoarthritis start appearing in the hip area. If treatable, we offer conservative care, typically targeting the lower back and pelvis and performing hip adjustments. In cases where patients do not respond positively, we consider an orthopedic consultation. However, the majority respond well to our conservative treatments.

The Role of Exercises & Education

Our approach also incorporates exercises targeting the gluteus maximus, the body’s strongest muscle located in the buttocks. When tightened, it can often mimic or aggravate hip pain. We also focus on the psoas muscle, a deep hip flexor, which can cause hip pain due to trigger points or spasms. With proper alignment or lumbar spine adjustments, we improve nerve flow, easing muscle spasms and tension.

We also prioritize educating patients about the correct techniques for exercises and stretches to alleviate hip pain. Proper execution of these movements is crucial to avoid further harm. Patients can significantly enhance the effectiveness of our adjustments by adhering to their prescribed routines outside our office.

How Nutrition and Supplements Can Help

Nutrition plays a significant role in managing hip pain. We often suggest vitamins or supplements to nourish the muscles and provide necessary nutrients. Certain supplements can also aid in reducing inflammation, which is beneficial if arthritis is present.

Vitamin D is vital, especially for those of us living here in the North. Donna Roerick, our nutritionist, excels in this area. Monitoring vitamin D levels, quickly done through a simple blood test, is recommended. Blood test kits are available from our office, and results can be received via mail, helping people to get a baseline.

Take That First Step Toward Relief

If you’re experiencing hip pain, we want to help you get relief. Call Advantage Chiropractic to schedule an appointment.

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