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Auto Accident Chiropractic in St. Cloud

young man after auto accidentWhether you’ve been involved in a high-speed collision or a low-impact parking lot fender bender, your body has sustained trauma. You’ll likely experience pain resulting from injuries to the soft tissue whether it be the muscles or ligaments.

Let’s say you’re sitting in traffic and have come to a sudden stop; you’ve applied your foot on the brake and so your right leg is outstretched on the brake pedal. Then, suddenly, you get rear-ended. That often will cause issues down in the lower back and pelvis area. Sometimes that will create disc problems which can cause pain shooting down the leg.

“People often don’t realize that the impact can cause the spine to get misaligned or subluxated,” said Dr. Mark. When subluxations occur that can, in turn, affect the nerve system function. Then a snowball effect takes place and symptoms will eventually arise. Whether you experience pain or not, we want you to get your spine checked because often, subluxations can be present without any symptoms.

‘But I Feel Fine’

Some patients who have their car totaled will say they feel fine but all of a sudden a few weeks later they’ll experience symptoms such as headaches. That’s when we talk to them about how subluxations manifest and can lay there quietly and then show up down the road.

The effects aren’t always immediate so we recommend people get checked out after an accident to get ahead of any issues they might be experiencing.

Common Symptoms Following an Auto Accident

  • Numbness/ tingling in extremities
  • Whiplash

What to Expect

The first step is a thorough examination. Dr. Mark will perform a chiropractic checkup and do orthopedic and neurologic tests. He may take X-rays to ensure that you don’t have any fractures. If he determines that you’re a candidate for chiropractic care he’ll provide his recommendations.

I tell people, ‘if you’ve ever heard the story of Humpty Dumpty, unfortunately, you’re Humpty Dumpty right now. It’s our job to put the pieces back together again,'”
said Dr. Mark

It’s important to note that it can take several weeks or months to get you back to how you were prior to the accident.


Can you help me?

In his 20 plus years in practice, Dr. Mark has been able to help about 99% of those individuals who came in for care following an auto accident. He’s confident he’ll be able to help you too.

Will my chiropractic exam be covered?

Because Minnesota is a no-fault state, when you’re involved in a car crash-whether it’s your fault or not-the insurance that you carry for your vehicle will cover chiropractic checkups.

How long will it take?

We can answer that once we do our initial evaluation. Dr. Mark will discuss the severity of your injuries and provide an estimate of how long your recovery will take.

How can you help me with my insurance?

Our team at the office does an excellent job of helping patients who have never gone through this. They will assist you in filling out the proper paperwork. We can help to be that liaison between you and your insurance company.

Do you recommend other services to help with my recovery?

In addition to chiropractic, nutrition plays a significant role in healing. We want to make sure people are getting the proper diet and nutritional supplements to help the body through its healing process.

Though medication has its place, we don’t like to promote the use of drugs whether prescription or over-the-counter. We can help patients expedite their healing through natural means. We carry many nutritional supplements that we can recommend.

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If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, we encourage you to contact us right away. We want to help you get on the path to healing.
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