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Why Kids, Infants, and Teenagers Should See a Chiropractor, Especially After an Accident

calm child adjustmentAt Advantage Chiropractic, we believe in the importance of holistic healthcare for individuals of all ages. From newborns to teenagers, our experienced team understands the unique needs of young patients, especially after experiencing traumatic events such as accidents. Here’s why it’s crucial for kids, infants, and teenagers to see a chiropractor, particularly after an accident.

From Birth to Adolescence: Encouraging Early Evaluation

We see people of all ages in the practice, and we encourage newborns to get checked as well. The very first trauma a newborn experiences is childbirth, whether it’s natural or via C-section. Even seemingly minor issues, like difficulty turning the head or developing a flat spot, can be indicators of structural misalignments, especially in the upper neck area and cervical spine. Early chiropractic evaluation can help address these issues before they progress.

Impact of Accidents on Young Bodies

We recently had a 16-year-old patient who was involved in a significant car accident, where the airbags deployed. Despite being buckled into a car seat, the impact of the accident could have caused musculoskeletal and spinal issues for the four-month-old sister in the backseat. The infant’s sleep patterns were affected, indicating potential post-accident changes. Upon examination, muscle spasm and spinal subluxations were found, likely resulting from the trauma of the accident.

Quicker Response and Recovery in Young Patients

Kids typically respond more quickly to chiropractic treatment, showing improvements sooner than adults. Even the 16-year-old patient has been responding well to treatment after just a few weeks. It’s essential to seek chiropractic care for children as soon as possible after a trauma to ensure faster and more effective results.

At Advantage Chiropractic, we understand the significance of early intervention and tailored care for young patients. Whether it’s childbirth, a significant fall, or a car accident, we’d love to ensure your loved ones are naturally healthy.

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