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The Inspired Healthspan Program

Your Genes are No Longer Your Destiny

There are communities from 5 different regions in the world where more citizens live to be over 100 years old. Wouldn’t you like to know where? Researchers found common traits among these communities. Wouldn’t you like to know how? What if you applied some of that knowledge to your life? Lifespans are getting longer… but what about healthspans? Why live longer if you’re going to get ill quicker? Join us as we discover how to close the gap between existing longer and living longer.


Choose to outlive your relatives
with more zest & vitality!

Researchers have been studying the lifestyles of the indigenous in 5 regions around the world where the average life expectancy is over 100 years old. These regions are known as the “Blue Zones” of the world. Through their expert research, they have discovered common traits among each Blue Zone, which laid the foundation to this breakthrough WellMatrix Program!

Our goal at Advantage Chiropractic goes beyond the desire to live longer. What good is a longer lifespan if you’re unable to enjoy it? At Advantage Chiropractic, in collaboration with the WellMatrix Program, we will shift your focus towards lengthening your “Healthspan” in tandem with igniting your lifespan!

Why The WellMatrix Program?

The WellMatrix Program is based on principles focused on increasing your metabolic reserves and improving your physiological resilience. It’s important that we focus on things like diet and nutrition, along with physical activity. But, when we look at the day-to-day signals that drive health resilience and disease resistance, there are many other influential factors that play key roles in overall health. The goal of this program is to not only increase your disease resistance but also restore your vitality and wellbeing.
In 8 weeks or Less, you will feel a noticeable difference in your:

  • Zest
  • Mood
  • Vitality
  • Focus
  • Weight
  • Mentality
  • Energy
  • Awareness

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Donna and Dr. Mark

Donna Roerick,
CHNP Traditional Naturopath

Donna Roerick has been active in nutrition all her life. Her interest started by having to overcome food intolerances at a young age. Her interests brought her to acquire a degree in laboratory medicine before becoming a mother. As a stay-at-home mom, she saw the importance and benefits a healthy lifestyle had on her children and community. She completed her training as a Certified Natural Health Professional in 2008 and received her certificate in Nutritional Counseling. She received her N.D. diploma from Trinity College of Natural Health in 2014. She has extensively studied nutrition, herbology, functional medicine, as well as several other holistic health approaches.

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