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The Importance of Workstation Ergonomics

woman working laptop on tableAs the COVD-19 pandemic has impacted the planet, it’s also wreaked havoc on the spines of countless people around the globe. That’s because millions around the world are working from home. Though they’ve been sent home with a laptop, they likely haven’t been given instructions on setting up an ergonomically friendly workstation.

A recent University of Cincinnati survey of 41 faculty members (29 female and 12 male) asked them about their ergonomics. The responders took photos from the side and the backs of their workstation. Based on the evaluations, most concerns related to the following:

  • Laptop usage
  • Non-adjustable chairs without armrests
  • Low monitor heights
  • Hard desk surfaces

Changes That Make a Difference

Mention ergonomics and many people think you need to spend a lot of money to improve your workstation. That’s not the case. Here are some small fixes that can make a big difference when it comes to your posture and health:

  1. Put a pillow on your seat to elevate your seat height
  2. Place a pillow behind your back to support the lumbar spine
  3. If your armrests aren’t adjustable, you can wrap those with towels
  4. Prop your laptop on a stand and get an external keyboard and mouse
  5. Get up every 30 minutes to move away from the computer and stand up
  6. To raise the monitor height put a few reams of paper underneath

Book a Complimentary Workstation Evaluation

Are you wondering if your workstation is set up in an ergonomically proper manner? If you’re a patient of Dr. Mark’s email your pictures to him at He will reply with his recommendations for things you can do to improve your workstation. You also can ask for a laminated stand-up display to put on your monitor with reminders about proper sitting at your workstation.

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