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Are You On the Wrong Path?

Man thinking with one eye closedAs the old saying goes, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

At Advantage Chiropractic, we believe that wholeheartedly…especially when it comes to your health.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve welcomed many patients into our care who visited us as a last result, having spent years going down different medical paths to try and pinpoint their problem or find relief from pain and suffering.

Often times, the medical path looks a little something like this:

An initial visit to a medical doctor, followed by an exam and recommended medications. When that doesn’t solve the issue, more tests are carried out and even more, medications are given–sometimes, this continues for quite a while! Ultimately, many end up having surgery that lowers their quality of life, still not getting to the root cause of the issue at hand.

If you’ve gone down the medical path and feel “stuck”, we’re here for you. The natural chiropractic path looks a bit different and we’d love to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Our team believes that chiropractic should come first, followed by medication and surgery as a last resort.

After an initial exam with us, where we go into in-depth detail of your daily life and what factors could be contributing to your ailments and get to the cause. We go over your report of findings and make a recommended care plan, which typically includes gentle, focused adjustments as well as a variety of tailored stretches and exercises.

Next, we’ll tackle proper nutrition to fuel your body with delicious whole foods. Once your nervous system is balanced and working properly, patients find they feel incredible relief and can get back to living the life they love–all without the need for surgery or drugs.

Of course, if we identify a serious problem requiring medical intervention, we’ll always refer you out to receive the care you need, and can continue working with your medical team to provide you with focused chiropractic alongside their recommendations.

Try a New Path Today

If you feel like you’ve been on the wrong path for a while, we’re here to help. The good news is that you can try a new route whenever you’re ready–just give our practice a call to book your first appointment.

We look forward to meeting you!

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