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Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic Care in St. Cloud

At Advantage Chiropractic, we offer health care for all ages, from newborn babies to senior citizens. Dr. Mark is a family chiropractor and often sees multiple generations, including children of all ages and expecting moms.

Ensuring a Positive Pregnancy Experience

Interference in the nervous system, or subluxations, affect a mom and her developing baby. Chiropractic care with Dr. Mark will remove this interference, allowing for you to have a happy, healthy pregnancy.

You can prevent pain, sleep better and enjoy improved digestion with the help of prenatal chiropractic care. There have even been reports of chiropractic helping women to become pregnant, and it’s appropriate during every stage. At Advantage Chiropractic, we have a comfortable table that allows you to be adjusted during each trimester of your pregnancy.

We’ll discuss your history and perform a thorough examination to create a care plan that’s tailored to your lifestyle, allowing your body to be as healthy as possible during this critical time of your life.


Be Proactive for a Healthier Childhood

Kids, too, are subject to having subluxations that affect their nervous system function. Think about an active childhood: through crawling, standing, walking and running, kids put their bodies through significant trauma!

By starting chiropractic care early, your child can avoid many issues further down the road. Dr. Mark and Donna’s two children have been adjusted since birth and have enjoyed the many benefits chiropractic has to offer!

Why should I have my child checked?
Through the slips and falls of life, your child’s nervous system health can be compromised. Though they can’t express that they have a problem as an adult can, we use objective measurements to determine any potential problem areas in their bodies.

How do you adjust children?
The adjustment technique Dr. Mark uses varies with the age of the patient. We use a soft touch for kids and babies and have a gentle instrument we can use for their adjustment. Kids love hopping on our ‘’horsey,” a small horse adjusting table!

Can you help problems such as colic, bed-wetting and digestive issues?

Chiropractic care doesn’t treat symptoms. We examine the spine to determine if there is interference present that doesn’t allow your body to function at its optimal potential. If your child does have interference in their nervous system that is causing symptoms, removing them will likely allow their symptoms to diminish.

Find out more by contacting our friendly team today! We offer same-day appointments for immediate attention.


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