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5 Steps to De-Stress

A wellness chart

Stress can cause you to move towards illness. Where do you think you are on this “Lifeline?”

1. NutritionA box of vegetables

Eating a well-balanced diet and drinking a healthy amount of water. A good rule of thumb for the amount of water, in ounces, to drink per day is to take your weight, in pounds, divided by two (example: A person weighting 150 lbs. needs to drink 75 oz. per day!)

2. SleepWoman sleeping in bed

Getting enough rest at night is essential for your body to re-energize from each day. Every body requires a different amount of sleep, but on average, the range is between 8-10 hours a night.

3. ExerciseA couple biking through a field.

The body needs a good amount of cardiovascular exercise each week to maintain health. All you need is 3-4 thirty minute intervals of exercise per week to stay healthy. Also, stretching should be performed daily to release the tension that builds up in our muscles.

4. ChiropracticA woman receiving a gentle chiropractic adjustment to her neck.

Regular chiropractic care is essential to reach optimal health. Chiropractic adjustment removes nervous system interferences; this enables the body to better manage stress and maintain health.

5. Mental AttitudeA woman meditating in a park.

Start today. You have the power to take positive steps to improve your resilience and emotional health. Don’t wait until you are in crisis to make your mental health a priority.

  • Tell yourself something positive
  • Write down something you are grateful for
  • Open up to someone else
  • Do something for someone else
  • Daily affirmations
  • Self Help books, such as Body By God, Your Best Life Now, and Purpose Driven Life

Start Today

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